Saturday, 27 September 2014

Powerpoint Tricks And Shortcuts


Group objects

Ungroup objectsCtrl+Shift+H
Show or hide gridShift+F9
Show or hide guidesAlt+F9
Change grid or guide settingsCtrl+G
Show AutoShape menu and insert shapeAlt+U -> Ctrl+ENTER
Insert perfect squaresPress shift first, start drawing figure
Move selection in specific directionCtrl+ARROW
ZoomCtrl+mouse wheel
Duplicate selectedshapesCtrl+D
Insert new slideCtrl+M
Draw multiple similar figuresDouble-click corresponding toolbar icon
Repeatlast actionF4
Activate menu barF10
Context menuShift+F10 or Windows special key
Work with presentationsShortcut

Create new presentation

Insertnew slideCtrl+M
Duplicate selected slideCtrl+D
Open a presentationsCtrl+O
Close presentationCtrl+W
Print presentationCtrl+P
Save presentationCtrl+S
Quit PowerPointAlt+F4
Find textCtrl+F
Replace textCtrl+H
Repeat the last find actionShift+F4
Insert a hyperlinkCtrl+K
Undo an actionCtrl+Z
Redo or repeat an actionCtrl+Y
Switch to the next paneF6
Switch to the previous paneShift+F6
Cancel an actionESC
Carry out Save As commandF12
Carry out Save commandShift+F12
Carry out Open commandCtrl+F12
Carry out Print commandCtrl+Shift+F12
Display Visual Basic codeAlt+F11
Text operationsShortcut

Delete one word to the left

Delete one word to the rightCtrl+DELETE
Cut selected objectCtrl+X
Copy selected objectCtrl+C
Paste cut or copied objectCtrl+V
Move cursor one word to the leftCtrl+LEFT ARROW
Move cursor one word to the rightCtrl+RIGHT ARROW
Changecase letters (toggles through sentence case, lowercase, and uppercase)Shift+F3
Center paragraphCtrl+E
Justify paragraphCtrl+J
Left align paragraphCtrl+L
Right align paragraphCtrl+R
PromoteparagraphAlt+Shift+LEFT ARROW
Demote paragraphAlt+Shift+RIGHT ARROW
Move selected paragraphs upAlt+Shift+UP ARROW
Move selected paragraphs downAlt+Shift+DOWN ARROW
Format font styleCtrl+T
Changefont sizeCtrl+Shift+P
Increasefont sizeCtrl+Shift+>
Decrease font sizeCtrl+Shift+<
Apply bold formattingCtrl+B
Apply an underlineCtrl+U
Apply italic formattingCtrl+I
Apply subscript formattingCtrl+EQUAL SIGN
Apply superscript formattingCtrl+Shift+PLUS SIGN
Remove manual character formattingCtrl+SPACEBAR
Copy formatsCtrl+Shift+C
Paste formatsCtrl+Shift+V
Insert a tab in a table cellCtrl+TAB
Addnew row at the bottom of a tableTAB at the end of the last row
Check spellingF7
Find next misspelling (Automatic Spell Checking enabled)Shift+F7

Select next object (with an object selected)

TAB or Shift+TAB
Select text within selected objectENTER
Select all objectsCtrl+A (in slide pane)
Select all slidesCtrl+A (in slide sorter view)
Select all textCtrl+A (in text field)
Move to the end of a lineEND
Move to the beginning of a lineHOME
Move up one paragraphCtrl+UP ARROW
Move down one paragraphCtrl+DOWN ARROW
Control slide showsShortcut

Start slideshow from current slide

Slideshow from beginningF5
Perform next animation or advance tonext slideENTER, PAGE DOWN, RIGHT ARROW, DOWN ARROW, SPACEBAR, or mouse click
Perform previous animation or return toprevious slideP, PAGE UP, LEFT ARROW, UP ARROW, or BACKSPACE
Go to slide<number>+ENTER
Display a black screen, or return to slide show from black screenB or PERIOD
Display a white screen, or return to the slide show from a white screenW or COMMA
Stop or restartautomatic slide showS or PLUS SIGN
End slide showESC, Ctrl+BREAK, or HYPHEN
Erase on-screen annotationsE
Go to next hidden slideH
Set new timings while rehearsingT
Use original timings while rehearsingO
Use mouse-click to advance while rehearsingM
Return to first slideHOME or both mouse buttons for 2 seconds
Redisplay hidden pointer and/or change the pointer to a penCtrl+P
Redisplay hidden pointer and/or change the pointer to an arrowCtrl+A
Hidepointer and button immediatelyCtrl+H
Hidepointer and button in 15 secondsCtrl+U
Display shortcut menuShift+F10 or right-click or special windows key
Go to first or next hyperlink on slideTAB
Go to last or previous hyperlink on slideShift+TAB
Perform "mouse click" behavior of selected hyperlinkENTER while hyperlink is selected
Perform "mouse over" behavior of selected hyperlinkShift+ENTER while hyperlink is selected
Display list of controlsF1

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