Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Download Torrent File When Torrent Usage Is Blocked

Most of us want to download some movies or soap operas from our college or office network, but the problem is with the blocking of torrent.

Here is a trick for downloading the torrent from a "anti-torrent" network.

  1. First download the torrent file with .torrent extension which you wish to download from the internet directly without any torrent client like utorrent or bittorrent.
  2. Now open and you will land on its homepage.

    Downloading Torrent Using Internet Download Manager

  3. Then Click on upload Torrent and browse your torrent to transfer and click on Go.
  4. Then it will ask you for Free or Premium service, choose Free to proceed further.
  5. It will take some time to cache your file. Once the caching is done, click on transfer button to download your file.
    : It may not work in every case, there are some exceptions. But still you can give it a shot.

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