Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Creating A PDF File Of Anything On Your Screen

Most of the times we want to create PDF files of some secure documents or screenshot, here is a simplest way to do that.

All you need is a software called PrimoPDF. PrimoPDF is a free program that will allow you to convert any document (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more) into a usable PDF file.

It will get install as a printer on your system and whenever you want to convert any file to PDF, all you have to do is just print using PrimoPDF printer and the PDF file will get generated.

Steps to download, install and use PrimoPDF:

  1. Visit www.primopdf.com, download and install latest version of PrimoPDF.
  2. Using PrimoPDF,

Source: www.primopdf.com, http://www.ferndaleschools.org/

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