Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Trick To Crack "AppLock" Mobile Protection App - Easy

Ola Viewers, It's being a long time I wrote a post. But we are back with some quality stuff for you.

We all have something private to hide from our friends, colleagues, family or someone else. In this era of smartphones we usually store our data on mobile phones itself and most importantly "Whatsapp" chat. In order to do this we have a lot of applications available, one of them is AppLock. 

Tricking AppLock of you friend's phone is pretty easy for anyone who uses smartphones.

Steps To Follow (Only For Android Users) :-

Method 1:

1) Go to Settings > Apps.

2) Search for particular app (AppLock) and select it.

3) Click on Force Stop and you are done.

Now you can open any data secured by AppLock as it is no longer running.

Method 2:

1) Open AppLock application.

2) It will ask for password. Click on Question Mark (?) symbol on the application present near to password box and select Forget Password.

3) It will open a password recovery page in application itself and ask for the email address, I hope you know your friend's email address. Enter your friend's email address.

4) Open the Gmail app installed on your friends android device (Most of the users never protect their Gmail application with AppLock ).

5) Check the email from AppLock team, it will be having a reset code.

6) Use that code in AppLock password reset window and change the password.

Enjoy Tricking...!!!

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  1. I have found a cell phone and i want to disable the applock application.Is it possible to do it if i dont know the user details like mail,etc.