Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Hacking "Linux Machine" and "SUSE based VMware vCenter" Root Password

  • Hacking into Linux machine or VMware vCenter is easy, all you need is a REBOOT.
  • Process for resetting the root password is same for both linux as well as VMware vCenter.

1) Firstly reboot the OS.

2) While booting, keep pressing space bar. This will halt your system, hit 'e' to edit.

3) A GNU GRUB screen will appear, select kernel using arrow keys and again hit 'e'.

4) Above step will lead you to the following screen, add "init=/bin/sh" or "init=/bin/bash" at the end of the line and hit enter.

5) After editing you will be back to GNU GRUB menu, select kernel and hit 'b' to boot.

6) Your normal OS will not boot, it will lead you to the following "shell" or "bash" (as selected in step 4) screen.

7) Use "passwd" command to change the password.

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